What can Limestone Building Group do for you?

In short, Limestone Building Group saves you money and allows you to make money! That’s what we can do for you!

Limestone Building Group works for individuals, companies, and government/public entities that use building space as a resource for their business. This probably means you! Whether you are dreaming of additional or different building space, needing to maintain the existing, or anywhere in between, we want to deliver for you.

We specialize in being your advocate in the building process so that you can remain focused on your business. Isn’t that how you came to need more out of your building space? So why set back your business for a year or more trying to do something your processes don’t support?


"I am pleased to recommend Limestone Building Group, LLC, as a general contractor. They provided outstanding service on our Mooresville Industrial Park project. They delivered the project on time and under budget while maintaining a very safe and productive job site of 50.5 acres. I would have no hesitation hiring them for any project, regardless of complexity, and highly recommend them to any potential customer." 

Edward L. Hill, CPA and Owner of Mooresville Industrial Park

What can Limestone Building Group do for you? 

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