Limestone Building Group was founded to best serve the construction owner. A sister company to other construction and real estate interests, Limestone Building Group was created by Charles “Mitch” Claborn after many years of being a specialty trade contractor and construction owner. These perspectives and business needs revealed a blind spot in the construction industry where quality, responsible project coordination, and oversight must meet the ongoing production of and achieve overall success for the project owner.

Owners need construction services because they are growing. With growing, come growing pains. Too often these are in the form of working with architects, engineers, municipalities, inspectors, contractors, controlling construction costs, schedules and trying to minimize the impact of construction on a company’s production, which is, after all, why they are in business. The design and construction process can either be a long term headache or temporary bridge to long term success.

Limestone Building Group’s mission and goal is to not only ease these growing pains, but eliminate them. The value we bring to our customers is found in our ability to comprehensively manage the design and construction process for our clients by ensuring the entire process is as seamless as possible, meets their needs/desires and maintains costs under their budget. Limestone Building Group is how the long term headache is eliminated and long term success is realized.


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